Letter of Introduction

Thank you for allowing me to introduce myself. My career experience is in Sales and Operations Management within the transportation, asset management, distribution, foodservice, and financial lease services industries.

I have an extensive background in Senior and Regional Level Sales and Profit Center Management.  My direct sales experience includes national and strategic account management and business development.  My Operational Management experience includes facility management for a national company with over 25 branches, regional offices, maintenance shops, a customer service call center, and headquarters, corporate office management.  Additionally I have a very strong background in Strategic Planning, Cost Management, P&L, and Financial Analysis.

I am a team leader, a team member, and skilled communicator and I enjoy the opportunity to work within cross functional environments requiring planning, project management, and a high degree of discipline.

Please include me in your short list of qualified consultants or sales agents for those situations where you can benefit from my professional background.  I look forward to learning more about your needs and how I can best align my experience to be a part of accomplishing those objectives

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

John Doray